Highrise is live. Another killer 2.0 app?

9:05 pm in Calgary. Don't know yet. I'm signing up right now in the other tab of my browser…

9:08 pm. First nice thing: I logged in with my OpenID and it worked like a charm.

9:09 pm. First not-so-nice thing: Can't import people from a csv file, and it didn't alert me to a duplicate contact.

9:15 pm. Would be nice to have a go with the Cases feature, but I'll have to upgrade to the paid version for that. Not convinced yet.

9:32 pm. OK, I caved in record time. I need the cases feature and have signed up for a Plus account.

I am, however, seriously annoyed that I didn't get a free 30-day trial on the Plus version, because I upgraded from the Free one. Great, 27 minutes and I lost $49.

10:07 pm. Now I've gone from seriously annoyed to seriously impressed. David Heinemeir Hansson emailed me directly to offer me a free month. Let's add customer service to the list of things these guys are really good at.

Update, March 20th. I've been using Highrise quite a bit today. Really starting to see the power of the application, but it's quite onerous having to add contacts one by one. Just discovered I can export everything from my Apple Address Book into one vCard, and then import that into Highrise. That's not bad, I guess.

Lots of positive press for the 37signals guys so far.