Conference Calling Trends in Canada

I am happy to say that just a month after opening the doors, momentum is building and Lypp Conferencing is experiencing some great new user growth. Clients are signing up for service daily, more importantly they are using the service daily.  It’s also great to see that the redundant network architecture is doing it’s job in delivering the call quality and reliability clients are looking for in a conference call service.

One thing that I have noticed is the users are barely scratching the surface of the full capabilities of the service. This isn’t much of a surprise though, our initial research on the conferencing sector showed us that this would likely be the case. It takes time for users to step outside of their comfort zone.

The bulk of the clients that have signed up are using the Reservationless Conferencing component of the Lypp service, which again is to be expected given their experience with other conference call services and CSPs (Conference Service Providers). With Lypp, every new user gets a Toll Free Number, Attendee and Moderator PINS they can share with anyone at anytime. 24/7 access to their own conference bridge.

The second most popular component is conference call recording. Yes, many other providers are making this a standard feature as well. The feedback we are now receiving suggests that the painless way in which a Lypp host/moderator can enable call recording and then access that same recording, almost instantly without any extra charge, seems to be a big hit with our clients.

IMHO, Lypp Conferencing does a great job of delivering a 24/7 reservationless conference bridge and call recording but I think our clients are really missing out on the vast potential of time savings the service can offer.

For instance, the dial-out and scheduling capability of Lypp would allow clients to set up their calls and quite literally forget about them. The Lypp service will first notify and then call all of the participants, even the moderator, at the time of the call. Lypp will even penetrate through corporate phone systems by allowing hosts to add attendees with extensions numbers. Setting up a months worth of calling is a no-brainer.

Soon I will be posting a weekly recorded conference call (LyppCast) with customers and partners so you can hear some of their experiences in using the Lypp service. My Lypp RSS feed will also be published so those who wish to subscribe to all of my recorded conference calls can do so using their favorite RSS reader. <- another standard feature of Lypp :)

Well, that’s another week gone.
From all of us here at Lypp, have a great weekend!