The conference that calls you. An autobiography.

Back in 2007 we launched “Conference Calling. Updated”. Gaboogie grew quickly and the story was picked up by GigaOm, CNET, VoIP Watch and others.

Not long after launch we decided to re-jig the offer with an emphasis on mobile (seemed prudent at the time) and launched the first version of that service via Our thoughts on mobile could not have been more wrong. Our customers did not want to complicate their lives by using Instant Messaging & SMS to create group calls, they simply wanted to have a conference call by dialing into a toll free number. The service floundered.

After seeing a steady decrease in volume we decided to make some changes. In 2008 was transformed into a hybrid reservation-less conferencing service with some Gaboogie perks eg. scheduling, outbound calling, recording, etc. Since then the ‘transformed’ Lypp service has grown steadily and for the most part we have happy customers.

Recently we had a service outage that affected a subset of our customers in Canada. In concert with the outage we had support issues where tickets were not making it to the right techs, exacerbating the issue which resulted in some customers leaving, vowing never to return. Certainly not a shining moment in the company’s history.

Today we are again making some material changes in the way we do business and the way we support our customers, for the better we believe.

Sales & Support
On the ticket tracking side we are now using Email, Web Chat, Twitter & Facebook all tied together with Assistly + our call centre to respond and track comments (good and bad), inquiries or issues our customers might be experiencing. The system has been in place for a few days now and most customers are very happy with the results.

Redundancy & Reliability
In preparation for catastrophic failures or partial failures, like the one we suffered earlier this week, we have been hard at work rebuilding the original Gaboogie offer on a completely separate network with independent infrastructure.

The idea here is to provide an alternate service for those who not only want some redundancy and maybe something a little different than Lypp but who also want to save money! The new Gaboogie offer will include prepaid (no expiration of credits) Toll Free service starting at 5 cents/min for North America. It will also include new features in addition to the features already offered by Lypp:

  • Free Signup
  • Free Trial of traditional conferencing service
  • Free VoIP Teleconferencing (Use your IP Phones or Softphones to connect and use the service at no cost! SIP 3261 compliant.)
  • Hi-Def VoIP Conferencing with a premium account
  • Complete Editing of Scheduled Conferences
  • Global Access
    and more!

We are very excited with this new and improved Gaboogie offer. We are hoping to launch and the new service in the next few weeks, follow us on twitter for updates! Combined with our new support and ticketing system we feel Gaboogie will soon be in a great position to once again disrupt the conferencing biz!