Conference Call Recording Made Easy

I have created my fair share of podcasts and found that recording phone conversations for interviews was a must. I also found that recording conference calls was a brutal exercise in futility and frustrating to say the least.

Even Jason Calacanis of Mahalo asked the question.

Yes, there are plenty of conference call companies out there who provide recording now but it seems bizarre how many of them are still delivering actual CDs and Tapes!? Most of them do not even make the recordings available online after the call, you have to ask for it and it costs extra.

And yes, there are free conference call providers out there that allow you to use their service free of charge who do provide recordings, but you have to pay for the long distance toll charges.

With Lypp it’s as simple as a checkbox when you create your conference call online or if you are using the system in an ad-hoc reservationless fashion you can just enter “6#” on your phone to start or stop recording. Within a few minutes your call recording(s) will be waiting for you at

I know I am tooting my own horn a bit here but the system works like a charm.

Next week, we are going to be interviewing a few of the Lypp Conferencing customers that use the Lypp recording feature and sharing those podcasts with our readers via my Lypp Recordings RSS feed.

Gaboogie – conference call podcasting

Yesterday was a bit crazy, we saw some great posts from some great technologists on the net but I think the way the day ended (and the way the next day started) was the topper.

A while back I podcasted the Future of IM with Chris Pirillo. About a week ago I pinged Chris to let him know about Gaboogie and last night I circled back to let him know the service was live. Chris is a very spontaneous guy and I should have known what would come next.

Chris Pirillo - Live Online 

What ensued was a 1.5 hr conference call with Chris leading on his Live Tech broadcast. Gaboogie called Chris and brought him into the call. Chris then opened up the lines and several of his listeners dropped into the Gaboogie call soon after. Several hundred combined minutes later we had over an hour and a half of great conversation about live podcasting, community and the human association with real time open conversation.

Here is the podcast:
Chris Pirillo and Gaboogie Founders Talking Openly about Live Podcasting and Community

PS: Thanks also to Bear for his insightful feedback.